This artist from Montreal is definetly at home on a stage! This passionate singer has been performing with several large-scale music groups and productions such as AKASHA, Flashdance, All Access showband and AlterEgo showband for the past 16 years. Charming crowds all over the world such as Dubai, Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Morocco, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Las Vegas, Broadway, Los Angeles, and many more! 

In 2012, her journey led her to sing an original song ''Hot for me''on the famous video game '' JUST DANCE 4 '' by Ubi Soft with former group A.K.A.

Despite a career as an established singer, a deep desire remained until now unfulfilled: to let out her creativity and create music of her own. "After many years singing other people's songs, I ended up forgetting a big part of me. Today, I finally reconnect with this flame and I intend to turn it into a huge fire! I have so much to say and I want to share my transformation with the public. It's my artistic teen crisis! >>

Izabelle will make you vibrate with her energy, her sensitivity, her sense of humor and unique voice. Bringing a world of empowerement through her lyrics.  Up beat and catchy melodies in the perfect mixture of pop and funk with a touch of electro, soul and r&b.